Short Cut Saturday: Jessica Stroup – one bob – three ways

Short Cut Saturday: Jessica Stroup – one bob – three ways

Jessica Stroup shows you just how versatile a bob can be.

Look 1: Soft curls

Work with your natural hair texture to create some soft loose waves, or use a curling iron to get the look.

Start by applying mousse to damp hair, then diffuse dry for your natural waves. If your hair is straight, blowdry with a round brush to create some volume at the roots. Then take a curling iron and curl your hair in small sections. Allow the curls to cool then break them up with your fingers and spritz with a sea salt spray or texturiser to finish the look.

Look 2: Sleek and smooth

Keep it sleek for an elegant look. Also great for hiding dirty hair!

Start this style when your hair is still a little damp. Apply a mousse or gel and comb back your fringe or front layers and pin in place. If you hair is long enough, tie it into a low ponytail. If it’s too short you can still comb it into the nape of your neck and pin it in place. Finish with a gloss spray to add some shine.

Look 3: Angled volume

Create a faux angled bob by blowdrying for volume.

Start by applying volumising mousse to damp hair. Blowdry for volume using a round brush. Dry your hair in small sections lifting it up and away from your head. Make a deep side part and smooth the hair back on one side and tuck it behind your ear. A few pins can help keep your hair in place. Tease a few underneath layers to create the angled shape you want. Finish with hairspray to lock in the look.

Which is your favourite look for this bob hairstyle?

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