Short Cut Saturday – Anne Hathaway

Short Cut Saturday – Anne Hathaway

What do you think of Anne Hathaway’s pixie hairstyle? I was able to get a close up look at her short cut as we were on the same flight from LA to NY this week.

I didn’t recognise her at first. As I boarded the plane I saw a girl with a cute short cut and I thought to myself, that’s just like Anne Hathaway’s hairstyle. Then I realised, that is Anne Hathaway! I sat two rows behind her didn’t snap a photo.  I was trying to be cool (and was just a little exhausted after flying for 14 hours from Sydney to LA!) but lucky there were some paparazzi to snap her at the airport.

Anne has cut her hair for her upcoming role in Les Miserables but she spoke about how she was ‘inconsolable’ after she had her hair cut. Anne can pull off any style but I think she will want some tips for growing her hair back fast.

Anne was also spotted in New York wearing this cute headscarf.

What do you think of Anne’s short cut?

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