NYFW Hair-spiration: Twisted ponytail chignons at Ann Yee

NYFW Hair-spiration: Twisted ponytail chignons at Ann Yee

Ann’s studio went up in flames earlier in the year destroying her samples, archives and work space. Looking for inspiration, she travelled to the Pacific Northwest – specifically to Seattle, and found herself by the ocean.

Being by the water was a revitalising experience, according to Ann. “I went down to the marina and found a cart of sea ropes and old nets. They were just being thrown out, but I took a heap of photos on my iPhone and these eventually inspired the digital prints and the shapes you see throughout the collection.”

The journey represented for Ann a regeneration, resurrection, and rebirth. She feels it is her most dynamic collection to date with an emphasis on woven textures, and vibrant colours and mixed media.

The collection was designed for someone “young, metropolitan, who knows fashion but doesn’t take it too seriously. Someone who can mix and match – who can take something from the flea market and mix it with a high street piece, who likes to experiment and have fun.”

Nick Irwin, Hair Director for TIGI, sat down with Ann, who had brought to him really clean, glossy references as if she had ‘just emerged from the ocean’. Nick wanted to create something young and modern, to suit the collection, that also incorporated the references to ropes and nets that Ann had referenced.

Nick designed the look to push the trend into new territory – rather than it being a boring, slavish interpretation of a ‘wet hair look’.

“It’s very graphic – the v-shape for instance, but head on it’s very simple.”

It’s a confident, modern look that Nick says also evokes samurai warriors, or sumo, with its bold, sleek feel.

How to get the look: Step by step

Basically the look is created with two ponytails – one in a section from the recession (at the top of the forehead) to incorporate the crown in a v, and one at the nape.

1 – Blow dry clean hair until smooth and completely dry. Go over any wavy bits near the roots with a fine tooth comb and hair straightener – this will help you get the completely smooth, flat finish you need to pull this off.

2 – Spray with Sleek Mystique from Catwalk by TIGI to lock in. Great thing about this product is that you can brush through after it’s set and it keeps the hair weightless while giving you great hold – it won’t set to concrete.

3 – Section hair from the recession (two top points of your forehead – literally where your hair appears to ‘recede’) down to a v at the back. Clip out of your way for now.

4 – Prepare the base ponytail with True Wax – Session Series from Catwalk by TIGI – this is like a strong beeswax that gives grip and shine. Use a brush to incorporate any fly away strands and get a super smooth finish, then when you’re happy with it, secure the ponytail with a 30cm length of hat elastic. Leave the elastic long, do not trim! You’ll need these ends later.

5 – Repeat step 4 for the top pony tail and secure at the base of the ‘v’ shape. Make sure both ponytails are secured as tightly as possible.
Tip – tie the knots gently/slowly or the elastic will break!

6 – Twist both ponytails together until it loops back up onto itself as shown. Secure at the base and top with the elastic from your ponytails. Now you can trim the elastic!

7 – Spray entire look liberally with Your Highness from Catwalk by TIGI spray for a wet, vinyl look.

Guest post and photos by Hair Romance’s NYC correspondent Adriana Glass. Adriana describes herself as a professional chatterbox and you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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