Notes from the iFabbo Social Media Conference

Notes from the iFabbo Social Media Conference

I started Hair Romance by saying that a haircut changed my life. It changed me from endless bad hair days to the hair lover I am today. I never thought a haircut could change my career and this blog has taken me places I never dreamed it would.

For example, I went to London for the weekend to speak on a panel at the iFabbo Social Media Conference about how I’ve turned my blog into my full time job.

I feel incredibly lucky that I’ve been able to turn my passion into a career and I wanted to share some of the Q&A from my panel session on the day here for those who weren’t able to be there or watch it live online.

Clare of CClareBear, me, Hayley of London Beauty Queen and Tonia Korakis of iFabbo, photo by Annabelle Joh

My blogging advice

I was asked to give advice for bloggers wanting to write an ebook or turn their blog into a full time job. My advice is:

Think big picture. Do you have a long-term goal for your blog, or for the work you would like to do? If you have a goal you can work back to see the steps you need to take to make it happen. Think big picture, and then break it down into easy to manage process. I find having a vision of what I what Hair Romance to be helps me decide how and what I write.

Diversify. If you want to make an income from your blog you need to diversify and create multiple income streams. I have my ebook, sponsored posts, advertising and I’ve just started using some affiliate links. I also do some freelance social media consulting and photography work. You may not make money from your blog, but use your blog as a tool to achieve offline success. Your blog can reinforce your reputation as an expert and be an online CV to help you gain employment. Like my first point, having a big picture goal in mind will help you decide what is right for you.

Create a useful product. Some of the information in my ebook is available online but in all different places. People are time poor and will buy a product that solves a problem and saves them time. Create a resource that collates all the information and more in one place that saves people time online and puts it in an easy to follow format. Add your original content and offer a unique solution to a common problem and you will have a successful product.

Just do it. The hardest thing about writing, apart from starting, is finishing. Don’t overthink it, just do it. Set a deadline and stick to it. Write something every day and you will get it done.

Top tips from the iFabbo panellists

What would Vogue do? I love Nik Thakkar’s strong branding focus – he always asks would “Vogue publish this?” when writing for his site.

Social media should be fun. Choose the platforms you like best, and where your readers are and focus on those.

Good photography counts. Whatever camera you have, learn how to use it and take the time to edit your photos. Better cameras won’t make you a better photographer. Practice and take lots of photos.

Pick up the phone. Edwina from Amazing PR likes to hear from bloggers and loves an introductory phone call. I was surprised to hear this (and some PRs may disagree) but she liked to make a real connection with a blogger, and having a quick call helps you establish a relationship. I agree with Edwina that connections happen online but that business happens in real time.

Think outside the box. A recurring theme with a lot of online success stories – rather than be the best in a field, people are creating new fields. When Amber Venz’s blog starting closing in on her own personal shopping business, she created RewardStyle to take personal shopping online. Now her personalised recommendations are made online through affiliate links. Offer your unique perspective and that’s wha makes your blog valuable to your readers and to brands.

So it’s back to the hair talk now, sorry to non-bloggers for the diversion from the normal content. Or would you like to see more posts about blogging on Hair Romance?

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