New romantic rag rolls at Zimmerman

New romantic rag rolls at Zimmerman

Zimmerman presented their new collection, Clique Clique, inspired by independent renegade women. The hairstyle for the show combines some of the biggest spring/summer trends – white, mohawks, and a strong yet feminine feel.

Taking the old and turning into the new, Sharon Blain created some of the most beautiful rag rolls I’ve ever seen. The brief for the look was inspired by an early 90s cover of Kate Moss on the Face. The look has a girly, new romantic feel which is balanced by the punky brow.

Behind the scenes

Sharon wanted the hair to look fresh, but quite a lot of product was used to achieve that “natural” look. I’m always happy to hear that as I know I have half a chance to achieve the look in my hair.

How to get the look

Sharon used plain white cotton to create rag rolls along the centre of the head. Cut large rag pieces and make them a feature of this look.

Step 1 – Prep your hair and blow dry smooth. Sharon used Goldwell StyleSign Power Whip.

Backstage styling tip: To catch flyaways mix a tiny bit of water with mousse and touch up any fine hairs and smooth them into place.

Step 2 – Depending on the thickness of your hair, create one or multiple ponytails along the centre of your head.

Step 3 – Take a rag and roll each section down and tie in place. Hairspray will help keep the look in place, and Sharon used StyleSign Diamond Gloss to finish.

Backstage styling tip: Ensure the proportions are right. If it’s too thick it won’t roll neatly.

The finished look

The makeup by Linda Jefferyes for M.A.C is the “perfect balance of punk and softness.” She used M.A.C Casual Colour Lip Pot and accented the look with M.A.C Frozen White Pigment.

Another great example of the faux-hawk trend. Are you ready to try this style now?

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