New Hair Romance Hairstyle Challenge – 30 Braids in 30 Days

New Hair Romance Hairstyle Challenge – 30 Braids in 30 Days

Exciting announcement – Hair Romance is starting a new hairstyle challenge!

I completed 30 hairstyles in 30 days and next month I’m setting a new challenge – 30 braids in 30 days!

The hairstyles above are braids that were featured in my first 30 days hairstyle challenge, and I’m hoping to create 30 new looks to inspire you to step up out of your ponytail rut.

Starting 1 September I’ll have a new hairstyle up every day with a new braided look. You can find the Day 1 braid here.

Do you love braids? What’s your favourite braided hairstyle?


30 Braids in 30 Days is now available as an ebook! It features step by step picture tutorials as well as full written instructions for every day of the 30 day hairstyle challenge. Plus you’ll find lessons in all the braid basics you need to know to create these hairstyles. As well as tricks for braiding your own hair, there are tips for curly and fine hair too. Find out more and get your copy of the 30 Braids in 30 Days here.

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