My three hair must-haves: Steve Corthine

My three hair must-haves: Steve Corthine

Part of the Hair Romance Hair Stars series where the experts share their three must-have hair products that they can’t live without.

Steve Corthine has been a hairdresser for over 16 years and is the owner of Stevie English Hair. Born in England, he now resides in Sydney and his  identity is so bound into his salons he is known as Stevie English (especially on Twitter – he’s @stevieenglish). Steve is a colour specialist, Artistic Director and educator for Original & Mineral and he looks after my hair too.

Hair Romance asked Steve what hair products he can’t live without.

Steve Corthine: My three hair must-haves

1. O&M Clear Gloss – As a colourist, I use this gloss colour treatment all the time. It adds shine to any hair without altering the colour. It’s great on blondes as it’s harder to make blonde hair shine.

2. ghd gold styler – I don’t often style or blowdry, so when I have to I always use my ghd. It makes hair look good which makes me look good.

3. O&M Seven Day Miracle Moisture Masque – I can do anything to hair if the quality is there. This treatment really nourishes the hair and allows me to keep colouring and creating.


Word is that O&M Clear Gloss is also a favourite of Miranda Kerr.

Have you tried Steve’s must-haves? What hair product can’t you live without?

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