My three hair must-haves: Daren Borthwick

My three hair must-haves: Daren Borthwick

Part of the Hair Romance Hair Stars series where the experts share their three must-have hair products that they can’t live without.

Hair Romance caught up with in-demand stylist Daren Borthwick of Valonz in Sydney to hear about some of the hottest hair trends at the Sunsilk Style School. Daren works with a wide range of celebrity and fashion clients, and was recently awarded Hair Expo Session Stylist of the Year.

Daren told Hair Romance what three hair products he couldn’t live without.

Daren Borthwick’s three must-have hair products

1. Sunsilk Captivating Curls & Waves High Definition Curls Mousse with Anti-Frizz: It’s great for giving hair added texture without the frizz.

2. Sunsilk Daring Volume Root Lifting Spray: This lightweight formula is perfect for giving the roots extra of volume and is great for a big bouncy blow-drying.

3. Sunsilk Straight Perfection Straighten Up Heat Defence Spray: This is essential for protecting against the damage that heat styling tools may cause and also makes your hair feel beautiful.

Have you tried any of Daren’s must have hair products?

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