My hair at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia

My hair at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia

Fashion week is always crazy. This year I went backstage at 21 shows and saw 17 runway shows. I’ve posted some of my favourite fashion week hair moments but how did I wear my hair?

Of course I was too busy running round to stop and take proper photos of my hair, so here’s a selection of shots of me from the week.

Snapped by Sara-May of Makeup Utopia as I played the Redken Claw machine. What a brilliant idea from Redken – so much fun!

Snapped by Maria of Crashing Red backstage on Day 1 of MBFWA at the Aurelio Costarella show.

Snapped by Lyndall Miller backstage on Day 2 at MBFWA at Toi et Moi

With Taylor Tomasi-Hill backstage at Oroton and with Susie Lau of Style Bubble after the show.

You can just make out my curls for Day 5 of MBFWA at the Suboo show.

Let’s be clear that although fashion week sounds glamorous, it’s actually work. The early call starts to go backstage and late nights mean I was wearing dark glasses every day not just to try and look cool. It’s exhausting.

That’s probably why I didn’t have time to plan any other hairstyles for the week!

I also completely mistimed fashion week in my hair colouring schedule. I was probably a week overdue to get my colour done but I was about to leave for my trip (which I’m currently on) and I had an appointment to get my hair done at Stevie English just after fashion week.

My hair on TV

My hair did make a special TV appearance! I spotted myself on this segment about the Zimmerman show, and I was seen shooting backstage.

Lucky I did my nails! I love an ombre manicure.

Tips for hiding regrowth

So if you can’t get to the hairdresser in time for a big event, here’s my tip for hiding regrowth.

Volume! The higher your hair the harder it is to see the roots. Get some styling powder in there to get your hair standing tall. The more you can see of the ends of your hair, the less attention is drawn to your roots too, so leave your hair out too.

Avoid a very straight partline too as this makes it more obvious that you need to see your hairdresser. A messy or zig-zag part is best.

I decided to keep mt hair big and let my curls run wild. The bonus of big hair is that it’s quite distinctive. Although I didn’t have backstage passes for all the shows, the security guard recognised me and would let me through every time. On the Wednesday, the one day I straightened my hair, he didn’t let me through at first, but we sorted it out ;).

Tips for curly hair on the first and second day

My routine – for defined curls you can follow my curly hair styling routine here.

Don’t over-dry your hair with a diffuser. Leave your hair a little damp so it can dry naturally into curls at the end. If you dry it completely with the hairdryer you will make it frizzier.

Don’t worry about all the frizz. You will always have some flyaways with curly hair. You can get rid of them but at the sacrifice of soft curls. I’m not a fan of crispy curls so I’m happy to leave a few flyaways.

Styling powders are your friends. A little sprinkle of magic dust on your roots, especially either side of your part, will give you that lift your need on top.

Moroccanoil Curl Control Cream reactivates in steam! If you use the Moroccanoil styling cream to define your curls on day 1, when you shower on day 2 your curls will regain some of the spring that you squashed out of them overnight! I didn’t believe this when I heard it backstage but I had a steamy shower the next morning and it reinvigorated my curls. Seriously amazing.

I had intentions of wearing a different upstyle each day to fashion week but in the crazy blur of fashion week I just let my hair run wild every day.

How do you hide your regrowth? What’s your favourite product for styling curly hair?

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