LFW Hair-spiration: Casual chic at sass & bide

LFW Hair-spiration: Casual chic at sass & bide

This hairstyle is all about texture. Creative Hair Director Renya Xydis for Cloud Nine fashioned an easy, playful ponytail for the sass & bide runway collection at London Fashion Week.

Another covetable collection from sass & bide featuring origami tuxedo folds and exquisite metallic detailing juxtaposing masculine feminine elements in a romantic harmony. Renya’s relaxed ponytails soften the strong lines in the collection and add an easy casual chic.

I’m also loving Renya’s hair colour. She is rocking the dreamiest pink hair.

How to get the look

  1. Begin by brushing out the hair and create a side part towards the left side of the head.
  2. Once the hair is free from knots, section hair off and lightly iron hair from the roots using your Cloud Nine Wide Iron set at 125°C. This will add shine into the hair and also smooth out any kinks.
  3. Sweep hair back with hands into a ponytail at the nape and secure using an elastic wrapped around several times.
  4. Allow a few loose pieces to rest out of the elastic and fall softly down the side of the face.
  5. Using your Cloud Nine Micro Wand wrap small sections of the ponytail around the barrel one at a time holding for 2 seconds and release to create a soft curl.
  6. Repeat this step until all sections of the ponytail have been curled then allow hair to cool.
  7. Gently shake out the curls and loosen with your fingers.
  8. To finish the look, texturise the sides of the hair gently and finish with hair spray.

Sometimes the simplest looks are the coolest. This “I haven’t tried” ponytail is the perfect style to compliment a strong fashion statement.

How would you wear this pony, and what do you think of Renya’s hair?

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