How to wrap your hair around your ponytail

How to wrap your hair around your ponytail

Hair Romance reader Mandi asks –

I came across your hair challenge from a pin and love what I see. I would love to know how to correctly use those darn bobby pins so that my long layered hair with many different lengths, stays put. Like in a hair knot, or wrapping a ponytail.

Firstly, how obsessed are you with Pinterest? I pretend I will go on there for five minutes and always lose an hour or two.

But back to the hair…

Using strong bobby pins makes a huge difference. My hair falls out if I use cheaper pins. Here are the bobby pins I use. They are Goriki brand, sometimes called 333. Professional quality pins make a huge difference to the staying power of my upstyles.

If you like to see videos, this is the best hairpin video I’ve seen with some great tips on how to insert a bobby pin into your hair.

Here’s another bobby pin tip I learnt from the experts backstage at fashion week. When you are wrapping ponytails, backcomb the end of the section of hair you’re wrapping around the pony. This gives your hair more ‘grip’. Then wind part of it around one side of the bobby pin. I saw this backstage at Aurelio Costarella.

If you find your layers are always sticking out, curl them under before you start. Curl the ends of your hair with a blowdryer and a round brush, or a curling wand or styling iron – whatever is easier for you. When the ends of your hair curl under, they’re less likely to poke through and stick out of the pin.

Hope this helps and have fun with your hair!

Christina x

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