How to switch stylists in the same salon

How to switch stylists in the same salon

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It can be emotional to break up with your hairdresser. It’s easier if you just leave and go to a new salon and never see them again. What do you do if you love the salon but want to switch to a different stylist?

I’ve switched stylists in the same salon several times, maintaining friendships and without hurting anyone’s feelings. Here

How to switch stylists

1. Recognise that it’s primarily a professional relationship. Although it feels emotional, it’s a service industry. You’re the client and you should be happy with the service you’re paying for.

2. Go through the salon owner. The salon owner is impartial and will help you navigate the personalities and help smooth the transition to the new stylist. The salon owner wants to keep you as a client and doesn’t care who you see as long as you’re still a client of the salon. They will be your ally during the transition.

3. Change your appointment time. If you always have your hair done on the same day and at the same time to the same stylist they will really notice when you arrive and sit in another stylist’s chair. Go on a different day and you can spare your old stylist’s feeling a little. Try and book when they have another appointment so they will be busy when you arrive.

Once you’ve seen your new stylist and youre happy with your hair it’s easy to rebook and set a new routine in place.

If it doesn’t work out you can still go back to your old stylist, or find a new hairdresser.

Have you ever switched stylists in the same salon? How did your original hairdresser react?

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