How to make my hair grow faster: Hair Romance reader question

How to make my hair grow faster: Hair Romance reader question

Hair Romance reader Kayla asks if there’s a way to make her hair grow faster:

I just got the “scene” haircut. I have short, random choppy layers all over my head and thinned out layers towards the ends. I wouldn’t really say I’m losing hair, but my hairdresser thinned a lot of my hair. I used to have beautiful, thick hair. I have 3 questions:

  1. Will it grow back just as thick?
  2. Is there any product to help the hair growing process quicker? if so, please tell me. (Or home remedies!)
  3. How long should it take to grow back out?

Hi Kayla!

Don’t worry – the same thing happened to my hair, and your hair definitely grows back.

A new haircut can make your hair seem thicker

Your haircut is layered and uneven, so it’s hard to notice it’s growing because of the different lengths. As it grows you will need to have some haircuts to even up the length. This may mean cutting off more than you would like in order to make even layers. Remember your hair will keep growing and these haircuts will make it seem thick again.

Lots of layers can make hair sit with more volume, but can also make the ends seem thin. By cutting it back into a blunt cut your hair will seem thicker.

Tips for faster hair growth

Hair growth depends on several factors – genetics, your metabolism and environmental stresses.

Unfortunately there’s nothing you can change about your genetics, but if you already have thick hair, I’d say your hair grows fairly quickly.

You can have an effect on your metabolism. Eat a good balanced diet and exercise. Eat a diet rich in iron and protein for healthy hair growth, but don’t overdo it – balance is key. Some supplements such as biotin and silica can help but I recommend checking with your physician before making changes to your diet.

As for environmental stresses, you can do a lot to help keep your hair in top condition so it can grow long. Heat stylers should be avoided. Try not to blow dry or flat iron your hair all the time. This dries out your hair and can cause breakages, which means you’ll have to cut more hair off.

Regular conditioning treatments will also help keep your hair healthy and strong so that it will look good once it’s long. This is where you can find some good home remedies. Apple cider vinegar rinses and hot oil treatments are great treats your hair.

You can even use your regular conditioner as a deep treatment on your hair. After shampooing, lightly towel-dry your hair and apply conditioner to your hair focusing on your midlengths and ends and comb it through your hair. Leave it on for 10 minutes then rinse well.

How long does hair take to grow?

Normal hair growth is approximately 1″ a month or less. Depending on how long you want your hair you can work out how long it will take to get there.

Hope this helps! Remember with a little patience your hair will be long again.

Do you have any advice for growing your hair? If you have any hair questions you can email them to [email protected]

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