How to get 2nd day hair when you just washed your hair

How to get 2nd day hair when you just washed your hair

Mis-timed washing your hair for a big event? Here’s how to get that second day hair feeling in freshly washed hair.

Second day hair is a term I often use when writing instructions for hair upstyles. It refers to the day after you wash your hair, when my hair seems to be a little more in control and smoother. Maybe it’s the little bit of extra oilthat’s keeping all the flyaways down, but it also gives my hair more hold so it stay in upstyles all day.

Freshly washed hair feels soft, but when styling it can be hard to deal with. It can be too soft to hold an upstyle. Here are my hair product secrets for recreating second day hair in your just washed locks.

How to fake 2nd day hair

Wash your hair well – Follow my tips for washing your hair well and make sure you rinse out all your conditioner.

Lay foundations – use a heat protectant styling cream before you blowdry your hair to help it hold it’s shape and style. My favourites include O&M Style Guru and Goldwell Hot Form. You want to use a product for your hair type that offers heat protection and a styling memory, so that your hair will hold.

Take the time to blow dry your hair – if you want to get the shape and hold of second day hair in soft clean hair, you need to put in the time. Rough drying your hair is good, but when it’s about 70% dry grab a brush and start smoothly drying it in small sections. Blowdry your hair in the direction that you want your hair to sit in the upstyle (eg deep side part or all back) and you’re style will stay all day.

Keep it matte – You need to add that “slept in” texture to your hair for that second day look. Adding oils will moisturise your hair but if you overdo it your hair will separate and look piecey. Stick to matte products as it’s less noticeable if you make an error. Plus matte products will give your hair some grit to keep it in place in an upstyle. My favourites include dry shampoos (any brand you use will do) or styling powders like Aveda Pure Abundance or Schwarzkopf. Check out my tips for styling powders here.

Hairspray – Don’t give yourself helmet hair, but a little flexible hairspray can help with backcombing or with a final fix of your upstyle.

Do you have any tricks for getting your hair to hold an upstyle?

Image by Justin Cooper

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