How to break up with your hairdresser

How to break up with your hairdresser

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You used to love how your hairdresser styled your hair but now things are different. You’re bored with same look or maybe you’re not feeling appreciated. It could be time to break up with your hairdresser.

It seems dramatic to say “break up” but the relationship with your hairdresser can be highly emotional. More than stylist and client, you’re confidants, and have shared some very personal moments in the chair. Your stylist knows exactly how many greys you have, and they helped change your look to mark important times in your life. They spend more time touching and massaging you than your partner does. Breaking up is hard to do.

1. You’re both in a style rut

Your stylist has stopped asking what you want to do with your hair and just gives you the same look each visit. But have you ever told your stylist you want to try something new? Communication is important in any relationship. Talk to your hairdresser. Explain what you want to do with your hair and give them another chance before you break up. It could reignite your hair romance.

2. You hate your last haircut

Something changed and your last haircut was a disaster. You feel like you’ve been let down. You trusted them with your best accessory and they’ve given you a bad hair day that will take months to grow out. Go back and tell your stylist you’re not happy. Give them a chance to fix it. If they don’t accept there’s a problem it’s probably time to move on.

How to break up with your hairdresser

Although it feels emotional, recognise that it’s a professional relationship. You can just stop calling and move on to a new salon, but it’s polite to let them know. The feedback is also useful to your hairdresser. How can they improve if they don’t know what the problem is?

If you’re not comfortable calling them to tell them, a short email is the answer. No need to write an essay, but give them an idea as to why you’ve gone elsewhere. This gives your hairdresser the opportunity to improve, and perhaps win back your clientele. At least this closure removes any awkwardness if you see each other in the street.

If you want to give a polite excuse to spare your hairdresser’s feelings, here’s some suggestions you can choose from:

  • The salon is too far from your house/school/work
  • Your mum/sister/friend is paying for you to go to a different salon with them
  • You’re going back to your natural colour
  • You’ve joined a cult that won’t let you cut your hair

Have you ever had an emotional break up with your hairdresser? How did you tell them you wouldn’t need to make another appointment?

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