Even more uses for your hairdryer, that aren’t to do with styling your hair

Even more uses for your hairdryer, that aren’t to do with styling your hair

Just using your hairdryer on your hair? Think of all the other things you can do with my favourite hair appliance.

I know my hairdryer is a multipurpose appliance that I can’t live without. I wrote my top 10 list of uses for hairdryers, apart from drying your hair, but you know so many other ways! Here’s another 14 fabulous ways to use your hairdryer as suggested by you in the comments on my first post and on Facebook and Twitter.

1. Heating up your eyelash curler to create a longer lasting curl

Warm up your metal eyelash curler with a blast from your hairdryer and see what a difference it makes to your lashes.

2. Warming up your eyeliner pencil

A quick blast on your eyeliner pencil will soften the tip so you can draw on a smoother line.

3. Drying yourself after applying fake tan

Even though it says “quick dry” applying a self tan can take a long time to set. Grab your hairdryer to speed up the drying time.

4. Warming up waxing strips

Another DIY beauty trick, when using home waxing strips, use your hairdryer to warm them up for quicker application.

5. Drying your toothbrush when travelling

It’s unhygienic to pack a wet or damp toothbrush away in your toiletries bag when travelling. A quick blast with your hairdryer will dry it in time for checkout.

6. Dusting

Love this timesaving cleaning tip. Use your hairdryer to quickly dust surfaces. It’s particularly effective on carved or intricate items.

7. Defrosting the freezer

A bowl of hot water works to defrost your freezer, but nothing is more powerful than a professional strength hairdryer on full power. Also great for defrosting food in a hurry.

8. Blowing up an air mattress

Your hairdryer doubles up as an air pump, just don’t use high heat when inflating a rubber air mattress.

10. Removing crayon marks from the walls

If your little one is an artist and sees the whole house as their canvas, this trick will stop you repainting. Warm up the crayon with your hairdryer and wipes clean away with a soft cloth.

11. Removing candle wax

Just like crayons, any candle wax is easily removed by softening it with your hairdryer. It lifts clean away, especially on wooden surfaces.

12. Setting the icing on cakes

Use your dryer on cool to set warm icing or use your hairdryer on low to medium to set the icing with a smooth, glossy finish.

13. Removing band-aids

If your plaster or bandage is stuck on your skin, warm it up with your hairdryer to make removing it less painful than the original accident.

14. Shaping plastic glasses for a perfect fit

I wouldn’t try this on your designer shades, but use your hairdryer on your cheap sunglasses to reshape the arms for a perfect fit. Heat the end with your hairdryer and mold while they are warm.

Altogether with my original Top 10 11 list, that’s 25 other ways to use your hairdryer, apart from styling your hair. Now on a cost per use basis, my hairdryer is the most cost-effective hair appliance I own.

Do you know any more uses for your hairdryer?

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