Braids Braids Braids

Braids Braids Braids

Fox in Flats is a lifestyle blog about navigating motherhood in style, but it’s not just for mothers. The Fox in Flats Style Dares have been running for nine months now and the latest dare is to braid your hair for seven days in row. Are you game to try this braid dare?

If you’re looking for some hairspiration, all these braided hairstyles are available in my 30 Hairstyles in 30 Days ebook.

Or why not try this simple braided headband.

This easy side braid is great in wet or dry hair too.

Click here to watch the embedded video.

Tips for braiding your hair

Brush before your braid – You don’t want any knots when you’re braiding so brush your hair before you start. Only exception to this is curly hair, but you should be able to run your fingers through your hair before you start so that you don’t get tangled.

Stretch it out – If you have fine or thin hair, pull at the sides of your braid to make it appear wide. It will make your hair look thicker.

You don’t need long hair – You can braid your fringe/bangs or front layers. Check out these braids for short hair.

Are you game to try this Fox in Flats style dare and braid your hair for seven consecutive days? Remember to tag your pics #braiddare if you’re sharing them on Twitter or Instagram. (You can find me online as @hairromance!)

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