Braided Twist & Pin mini bun hairstyle tutorial, on location

Braided Twist & Pin mini bun hairstyle tutorial, on location

I created this braided Twist & Pin mini bun hairstyle to wear to our friends’ wedding after my hairdryer blew up the power to our villas in Italy.

True story.  That’s the problem with industrial strength hairdryers when you’re on location.

These photos were taken while I was in Tuscany, Italy, for the wedding of beautiful friends. They found the most magical location and all the guests were staying in villas surrounding the hilltop castle. After a lazy morning swimming in the pool, we headed back to our villas to prepare for the wedding. I had planned to blowdry and curl my hair into retro waves and had all my styling tools at the ready. Luckily I took my own quick tip on how to blowdry my hair as not even five minutes in I heard a POP and my dryer went silent.

Yes, I had blown the power. Not only affecting me, but our friends we were sharing with and the adjacent villa too. Oops.

With time ticking down til we had to leave, and no power I had to improvise. This mini bun hairstyle came to mind (as it’s great in wet hair) and I added a braided twist.

How to: Braided Twist & Pin mini bun hairstyle

  1. Split your hair into three even sections at the nape of your neck.
  2. Start to braid the left section and secure the end with a small elastic. Clear plastic hair bands are best.
  3. Repeat with the middle and right section so that you have three braids at the nape of your neck.
  4. Twist each braid up into a mini bun and pin in place.

Styling tips

If you have a fringe or bangs, try to style them a little better than I managed this time (much easier if you have a hair dryer and power!) or twist them back and pin them in place.

Comb your hair through before you start to braid. Be gentle if your hair is wet as brushes can stretch your hair and cause breakages. Use a wide tooth comb.

Gently pull at the sides of the braids to loosen them and make them appear thicker.

Why not add a little flower accessory to the hairstyle to complete the look (thanks Sam for lending me this flower clip!).

So in case you were wondering, we did manage to reset the fuses and get the power back on. I was too nervous to test out my hairdryer again though.

The wedding was unbelievably beautiful and I cried during the ceremony. I cried with excitement at the amazing food at the reception and I danced well into the morning until my feet couldn’t take any more. A perfect day and memories I will cherish forever.

I hope you’ll try this braided twist on my mini bun hairstyle, tweet me a pic or tag me on instagram – I’m @hairromance.

So have you ever cut the power because of your hairstyling tools? And do you cry at weddings too?

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