A twist on an old braid

A twist on an old braid

This braided hairstyle is a twist on the Valentino braids seen at their S/S Paris show. Instead of the French braid, I’ve used a reverse braid, or Dutch braid.

With a French braid, hair is added over from each side as your plait the hair. It’s the reverse with this style as the hair is added underneath.

How to get the look

This style is made up of two reverse braids – one going clockwise and one going anti-clockwise. For a video of how I do this style of braid, please see Hair Romance TV episode 4 – side braided hairstyle.

The first braid starts behind your right ear and goes anti-clockwise, parallel to your hairline to your left ear. Once you reach your left ear, stop adding in hair but continue braiding and secure with a clear elastic at the end.

Start the second braid on the crown of your head, slightly to the left. You want to curve this braid clockwise around towards your right ear and then follow a line parallel to your lower hairline. Keep adding in all the remaining hair and braid until the end and secure with a clear elastic.

Braid styling tip: Stretch it out

To get your braids looking full, gently pull at the sides to loosen them. Start at the bottom of the braid, just above the elastic, and work back to the start to get a full, fat braid. Another tip is to start with large sections so you have more hair at the beginning of the braid, then take less hair in as you go to the end.

Next you want to hide the ends of the braid. Tuck the first braid under the second on the nape of your next and pin in place. If you put your bobby pin through the elastic it will help it stay in place.

Take the end of the second braid and use the to cover the part between the first and second braids. Put a bobby pin through the elastic and hide the end under the first braid.

My hair layered and past shoulder length (you can see my hair out here). You can adapt the angle and shape of these braids to suit your hair length. Even in short hair you can do the braid across the front of your hairline.

This hairstyle is easier in thick hair, but you’ll be amazed at the difference that stretching out your braids will make even in fine hair.

Have you tried stretching out your braids?

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