Topsy Tail Ponytail Tutorial – The no-braid side braid hairstyle

Topsy Tail Ponytail Tutorial – The no-braid side braid hairstyle

Hair Romance - Topsy tail ponytail hair tutorial

The Topsy Tail is back!

I loved this simple topsy turvy flipped ponytail tutorial and this side ponytail hairstyle tutorial is perfect for long hair. I like to call it the no-braid side braid. By repeating the topsy tail technique down your hair, it gives the illusion of a braided hairstyle. is so easy to do.

Hair Romance - Topsy tail ponytail hairstyle tutorial

Topsy Tail Side Ponytail Tutorial

Hair Romance - Topsy Tail Ponytail tutorial - the no-braid side braid

What you need:

Topsy Tail
Clear hair elastics


  1. Brush your hair and make a side part. Take the top of your hair on the opposite side and secure with a small clear elastic.
  2. Take your Topsy Tail and insert it loop side up behind the elastic and thread your hair through the loop.
  3. Use the end of the Topsy Tail to pull your ponytail down through the loop and behind your elastic band.
  4. Combine another section of hair with your first topsy tail piece and secure it with a clear elastic. Repeat this topsy tail technique, flipping this section.
  5. Repeat, combining this section with more hair and flip it through.
  6. Continue this topsy tail technique down your ponytail. Add an elastic to your ponytail, and using the topsy tail to flip your hair through.
  7. Adjust your ponytail to make sure the elastics and hidden and to emphasise the twists.

Hair Romance - Topsy tail side ponytail hairstyle tutorial

I used the Scunci Topsy Tail pack for this hairstyle. The pack contains the Topsy Tail tool, a smaller Topsy Tail Junior which is great for the smaller top sections and three elastics. I prefer to use clear elastics as they are easier to hide with this hairstyle.

You can just flip your hair through to do this style but I find the tool makes it much easier and you get a neater finish. You can find the Topsy Tail on Amazon, Boots, i-glamour or Priceline.

Do you remember the Topsy Tail when it was first popular? Did you ever think it would come back?

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