Tips for a great curly haircut

Tips for a great curly haircut

The secret to good hair every day is a great haircut.

Curly hair need a curly haircut. But what is a “curly” haircut exactly?

Curly haircuts will enhance your curls. There’s not one type of curl, so there are many variations of a curly cut but they are usually layered, with a rounder shape.

The image above is my haircut, shown straight and curly. My hair is naturally thick and curly, and it has been thinned out throughout. This takes out the bulk, and with less weight my curls spring up more easily. I have layers and my cut forms a rounded V at the back.

Tips for a great curly haircut

  • Find a hairdresser who loves curly hair. Find someone who is used to cutting curly hair, and wants to enhance your curls rather than straighten them. Here are more tips to finding a good hairdresser.
  • Go to the salon with your hair curly. Style your hair to show your hairdresser what your curls look like. If you’ve brushed them out and put your hair in a bun, your hairdresser will have to guess what your curls look like.
  • Take some inspiration images. Bring some pictures of hairstyles you like (or dislike) to discuss with your hairdresser. A picture really does say 1000 words at the salon and here are more tips to explain what you want at the salon.
  • Use the right products. Talk to your stylist about what they are using on your hair and ask them to show you so you can replicate it at home. Sulphate-free shampoos and curl creams make a big difference in styling curly hair.

What’s your tip for great curly hair?

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