The top 12 posts of 2012 on Hair Romance

The top 12 posts of 2012 on Hair Romance

2012 has been life-changing for me. I am so, so grateful for so many things this year I don’t know where to begin. I couldn’t have had such an amazing year without you.

Thank YOU so much for stopping by, reading and sharing your favourite posts from Hair Romance. I want to 2013 even bigger and better and I start by reflecting on your favourite posts from 2012.

Here’s a list of the top 12 posts of 2012 on Hair Romance, as clicked by you.

The top 12 posts of 2012

12. How to create a braided headband

A quick tutorial on how to braid a headband with your own hair, that even works with layers.

balayage hairstyles

11. Balayage Hair Colour Inspiration

The balayage colour trend explained and some images to inspire your next salon appointment.

10. A twist on an old braid

I fell in love with the Valentino braids from his Paris show and I created this Dutch braid twist on the style. It’s one of my favourite styles too, I wear it all the time and use it as my avatar too.

Hair Romance - Pixie hair cut

9. Should I cut my hair into a pixie cut?

A reader question that sparked a lot of comments about short hair, and is still getting comments now.

Hair Romance - 1960s ponytail hairstyle tutorial

8. How to create a 1960s style ponytail

A tutorial for a fun, retro way to style your ponytail.

Hair Romance - How to faux bob tutorial

7. How to create a faux bob

For those of you wanting to try short hair with the risk, this was a popular tutorial. It was also a big runway hair trend at NYFW.

Hair Romance - how to style hair

6. How would you like your hair blowdried today?

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one confused by this question at the hairdresser, and here are my tips on how to reply so you’re speaking the same language as your stylist.

How to grow out a pixie cut

5. How to grow out a pixie cut

Short hair was a big hair trend but it seems a lot of you want to know how to grow your hair back. Lucky there is a lot of celeb hair inspiration and Carey Mulligan provided some hairspiration to help you at every stage.

Hair Romance - how to style a giant top knot when you don't have a lot of hair

4. How to style a giant top knot (when you don’t have a lot of hair)

One of my go-to hairstyles, the top knot is so versatile, and this tutorial has been the base of so many other styles. This trick is like a wonderbra for your hair!

Hair Romance - How to style curly hair

3. How to style curly hair

My routine for styling my curls and I love all your tips in the comments on how your style your curls.

30 Days of Twist and Pin Hairstyles

2. 30 Hairstyles in 30 Days – the ebook

THANK YOU so much for your support of my ebook, and keeping this page one of the most popular on Hair Romance. The 30 Days of Twist & Pin Hairstyles ebook received a makeover this year and it’s still my go-to reference for daily hair inspiration.

Hair Romance 30 Braids in 30 Days ebook

1. 30 Braids in 30 Days – the ebook

Braids are a key hair trend of 2012 and will be remain popular in 2013 too. The 30 Braids in 30 Days series was shared beyond expectations. THANK YOU so so much for supporting my new 30 Braids in 30 Days ebook, and for visiting so often.


These are your most clicked posts from 2012, but do you have a favourite post that is missing from this list?

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