Nordic tips – the latest blonde hair colour trends

Nordic tips – the latest blonde hair colour trends

They say blondes have more fun, but they also need to spend more time in the salon to take care of their colour-treated locks.

Hair Romance chats to Michael Kelly, Technical Director at Oscar Oscar Salons in Sydney, about the latest hair colour trends for blondes and what products every blonde needs to have at home.

Next time you’re in the salon, Michael says to ask for earthy blondes, creamy biscuit blondes or light sand hues with Nordic tips

Right now I am loving textured and tonal blondes, too many highlights are so passé! Women need to learn to work with their natural colour to create the low-light and then add some seamless highlights compacted around the frame to give you that editorial ‘POP’!

To frame your face and create that ‘POP’, Michael recommends asking your colourist to space out your highlights as they move back towards your crown. This will create a more natural look. Michael’s advice?

Blondes with depth and dimension are BANG on trend right now. For the sexiest blondes I recommend a combination foil and balayage technique. The highlights will keep an element of precision and softness to the face whereas the balayage will add an organic lived-in care-free earthiness, which is sunny & bright.

This type of customised colour cannot come from a box at home.

Blondes need to be prepared for regular hair maintenance.

Blonde care is about having the your blonde specialist on speed dial every time you need a root fix! It is important to have a good relationship with your colourist, someone who knows how your hair will react with colour and what colours work in your favour.

If you’re spending that much time in the salon, you want to make sure your hair looks good at home. I agree with Michael that you should always use professional products. Michael recommends Kerastase Bain de Force and Masque Force Architect to care for your coloured hair.

Michael warns that heat styling tools can be dangerous for fragile blonde hair so take it easy with the straighteners too.

What special care do you take with your blonde hair?

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