Makeup Monday: Nail Romance

Makeup Monday: Nail Romance

Did you know that your hair and your nails are both made from the same substance – keratin?

So an exciting addition to the Hair Romance family is her little sister site, Nail Romance, who is making her debut this month.

Nails are a new love of mine, especially as I couldn’t even paint my other hand until last year. I was terrible at wearing nail polish, but I’ve been experimenting with colour and nail art recently and can’t get enough. Now I can’t wait to share more tips and tricks to help you love your nails on Nail Romance.

Nail Romance will feature easy nail tutorials, tips on the hottest new colour trends, interviews with nail bloggers plus expert tips to help you grow gorgeous nails you’ll love.

I’d love to know if you read nail blogs, and tell me in the comments below who your favourite nail polish blogger is.

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