Makeup Monday – In the pink

Makeup Monday – In the pink

How many lip products is it normal to keep in your handbag?

Judging by my latest clean out, A LOT. (Please say it’s not just me!) I noticed a new trend in my lip product hoarding, a love for pink lipsticks.

For a long time I was nervous of bright lipsticks. I didn’t think I could wear them, and I didn’t know how to apply them. Any errors seem to be higlighted by a bright lipstick. But I gave it a try and I became a convert.

Now I’m somewhat of a lipstick evangelist. Every time I hear a woman say “Oh I could never wear bright lipstick!” I am forced to tell them how they must try it because lippy can be an instant makeup pick-me-up and a confidence booster. Everyone can wear a bright lip. It feels conspicuous the first time but it’s so much fun and can brighten your day.

So after a long obsession with red and orange lipstick (Tom Ford Wild Ginger is my fave!) I’ve suddenly gone into the pink.

Hair Romance Lipstick picks – In the Pink

Hair Romance - In the pink and my fave pink lipsticks

Maybe I was inspired by the NYFW beauty trends. After the DVF show in particular, I picked up my Illamasqua Eurydice lipstick and my love for pink lipstick was reignited.

Since then I’ve been trying lipsticks and glosses and these are the one that have taken up residence in my handbag.

  1. Illamasqua Eurydice – this almost neon candy pink is surprisingly flattering on all skin tones. It has a matte finish, but I find the formula is creamier than other matte lipsticks. This makes it more comfortable to wear but still very long lasting. 
  2. Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid Rose – a fabulous bright pink that instantly cheers me up. This is one of the new vivid shades and they’re not kidding when they say vivid. Love the creamy formula of this range making it an easy wear and a handbag fave.
  3. L’Oreal Paris Shine Caresse in Marilyn – I’m not normally a fan of lipgloss but this product is amazing. Rather similar to YSL Glossy stains, Shine Caresse is a cross between a lip stain and lipgloss. It has real staying power and isn’t too sticky. A limited range of 8 shades has been released in Australia and I am loving them all. Marilyn is my pick of the pinks, being a sheer candy pink that you can build to a brighter shade.
  4. Maybelline Baby Lips in Berry Crush – wearing lip balm is key to creating a smooth finish for your bright lip. I love the hint of colour from these balms for my no-makeup days.
  5. Maybelline Color Sensational in Shocking Coral – another new shade from the vivids range, this is much more of a pink than a coral and is super flattering. I like to wear this blotted down in the day with a gloss over the top.
  6. L’Oreal Paris Glam Shine in Candy Pink – I don’t normally wear gloss, but this gloss really lasts and adds another dimension to my lippy. You can also wear it on its own. A touch of gloss in the centre of your lips makes them look fuller!

Tips for applying bright lipsticks

  • Moisturise your lips – apply a lip balm underneath to keep your lips hydrated. Dry lips = cracked lipstick. You can also gently exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush.
  • Use a lip brush – To get a neat, straight edge you need to be using a lip brush. It’s much more accurate than applying lipstick straight from the tube and will ensure you get a perfect pout.
  • Even out your lips – no-one’s lips are perfectly symmetrical, and wearing a bright lippy can highlight this. Look front on in the mirror and use your lip brush to correct your lip shape into a more even, symmetrical finish.
  • Don’t forget to reapply – Pop a compact mirror in your bag for touch ups during the day.

Tell me I’m not the only one with a ridiculous number of lip products in my handbag? How many is normal? And what’s your favourite pink lipstick?

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