Makeup Monday: How to create your ultimate brow shape at home

Makeup Monday: How to create your ultimate brow shape at home

Let’s talk brows, the most important hair on your face. A haircut can change your life but a brow shape will change your face.

Over the years, I was guilty of being too plucky with my tweezers, and letting any beauty therapist wax my brows. This all stopped when I went to a Rae Morris seminar at Hair Expo and learnt how to find my perfect eyebrow shape.

I started growing my brows the next day and hoped they would actually grow back. Then I started researching who I should let reshape my bushy brows. I was resoundingly told to see Lien Davies, the brow whisperer.

Lien’s approach is different to other brow experts I’ve seen as she works with her own “quad ratio” to determine your ultimate brow shape. This measurement allows you to maintain your perfect brows at home. Lien never waxes her clients’ eyebrows, as it’s too imprecise. Instead she prefers to pluck one hair at a time to perfect your brows.

Here’s a before and after of my brows on my first visit to Lien. Sorry for the creepy eye stare, I was concentrating on my brows.

Eyebrow reshape with Lien Davies - Ultimate brow shape

Seriously amazing. You can see I’ve still got some work to grow my brows back but Lien taught me her tricks to fill in brows so I could hide the gaps until they grew.

Three tips for filling in your brows

1. To thicken your brows – draw in light strokes with pencil to your desired thickness then overlap with shadow. I love Maybelline Define-a-brow.

2. To cover gaps in your brows – colour match your powder exactly to your brow hair, lighter colours will only highlight the gaps. Begin at the tail end where the gaps are more obvious and work towards the start of your brows, where you won’t need as much product. I love Bobbi Brown matte shadows (I use Mahogany).

3. To tame your brows – use a brow mascara. You can use a clear gel to set your brow powder or a lightly tinted gel to touch up your brows. I love Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper.

If you want perfect brows, I highly recommend booking in to see Lien Davies. For those of you not in Sydney, I have the next best thing.

How to create Your Ultimate Brow Shape At Home

How to create your ultimate brow shape ebook by Lien Davies

Lien has been working tirelessly to create her new ebook “How to Create Your Ultimate Brow Shape” and she share ALL her tips and eyebrow secrets. It’s like having her in the room with you while she guides you on her unique brow shaping method that always gets fabulous results.

Sample pages from How to Create Your Ultimate Brow Shape by Lien Davies

Get your copy of “How to Create Your Ultimate Brow Shape” here. It’s just about prettiest ebook I’ve ever seen and it’s full of smart tips and tricks for finding your perfect brow shape. Hair Romance tip – like them on facebook for a special discount.

Are you eyebrow obsessed? What’s your favourite product for perfecting your brows?

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