Let your curls go

Let your curls go

They say blondes have more fun, but I want to change that to curly girls.

I always talk about having fun with your hair, but what does that mean?

It’s about embracing your hair, and trying something new. Like fashion, hair doesn’t need to be taken seriously. I still like to straighten my hair, but it feels so different to wear it curly.

It has taken me a long time to say I love my curls, and I’m proud to wear them big and messy.

Paul Mitchell feel the same way about curls. Whatever shape your curls take – wavy, kinky, ringlet, coily – embrace your texture and wear it your way.

Let your curls go and I’d love to see a picture of how you like to wear your hair. I’m sharing my pictures on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #CurlConfession. You can also share your photos on Facebook.

If sharing the hair love with other curly girls wasn’t enough motivation, by posting your #Curl Confession photos you could see your photo screened in New York and LA on 15 November! Paul Mitchell are taking over the cities with curl power. Find out where to see the projections on the Paul Mitchell Facebook Page and submit your #CurlConfession to win fab prizes from their new Curls product line.

Now let your curls go and have fun with your hair!

This post was brought to you by the curly hair loving Paul Mitchell.

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