How to make the perfect hair donut for fine hair

How to make the perfect hair donut for fine hair

I am a huge fan of hair donuts for creating giant buns when you don’t have a lot of hair. You can find my big bun hair tutorial here, and I’ve worn a giant top knot with flowers, scarves, headbands and even jewellery.

But what if you still don’t have enough hair to cover the foam insert? If you have fine hair this can be a problem. There’s nothing worse than revealing your big bun secret padding. Here’s my easy solution.

Keep your big bun secret in fine hair

Take a weft of clip-in hair extensions and wrap it around your hair donut!

I’ve used a Lady Jayne clip in extension to wrap my hair donut. Clip the ends of the extension into the donut and wrap it all around. Secure the ends with a bobby pin to keep them in place.

Make sure you colour match your hair extension to your actual hair colour or you won’t be fooling anyone. Then use it as you would a normal hair donut without any worry of your padding showing.

Giant top knots are one of my favourite hairstyles. So simple yet so chic. How do you wear your top knot?

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