How to get thicker hair

How to get thicker hair

One of the most frequently asked questions is how can I make my hair thicker? Here are ten tips to help you get thicker hair.

1. Get a good haircut

Too many layers can make your hair look thin. Opt for a blunt finish on the ends to create the illusion of fullness, and some light layers around your face.

2. Protect your hair

Treat your hair like a cashmere jumper. Be gentle and take extra care when washing and brushing your hair. Too much sun and wind can dry out your hair. Wear a hat or scarf if you know you’ll be outside for a while.

3. Massage your scalp

Regular scalp massage increases circulation and blood flow to your hair follicles, stimulating growth. Use essential oils such as peppermint and eucalyptus to invigorate the scalp. You can grow an extra inch of hair each hair with regular scalp massages.

4. Don’t wash your hair every day

This is a controversial one for some, and trichologist Philip Kingsley disagrees with me. It will be a personal choice but my hair is less oily and in better condition when I don’t wash it every day. Plus it saves me so much time.

5. Use high quality products

Use a volumising shampoo that will clean your scalp and add volume to your hair. Aveda’s new Invati range is designed to stimulate your scalp and thicken hair. Nioxin is a specialist range of hair products that is designed to protect and strengthen thinning hair. Evolis is a new hair growth tonic that actually changes the hair growth cycle so you grow longer and thicker hair.

6. Condition the ends of your hair

Use volumising conditioners on the ends of your hair. You only need to condition your hair from the midlengths to the ends. Avoid your scalp, as this will weigh your hair down.

7. Limit heat stylers

If you really want long and thick hair, you need to put down the hair straighteners. Same goes for blowdryers and curling irons. It’s ok to use them occasionally but they aren’t helping your hair long term. If you can’t resist them, make sure you use a heat protectant like Kerastase Ciment Thermique or ghd Heat Protect Spray.

8. Feed your hair

To grow thick, healthy hair you need to start with a healthy diet. Make sure you’re eating good sources of protein, vitamin B and iron daily and get regular exercise. The faster your metabolism, the faster your hair will grow.

9. Supplement your diet

Multivitamins and specialist supplements can aid a good diet and help you grow thicker hair. I take Blackmore’s Skin Hair & Nails but it isn’t a quick fix. You need to be taking supplements for at least 8 weeks to notice a difference as it will work on your next cycle of hair growth.

10. Stay calm

Stress can trigger changes to your hair. Cortisol and hormone fluctuations can affect your hair condition and accelerate hair loss. These effects can be reversed so relax and treat yourself, and your hair.

What’s your best tip for thicker hair?

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