How to curl your hair to create soft, loose waves using H2D curling wand

How to curl your hair to create soft, loose waves using H2D curling wand

Hair Romance - soft loose waves hair tutorial

I love the relaxed look of soft, loose waves. This type of curl is so easy to wear and looks great the next day as the curls fall into a beachy wave.

Curling your hair into a wave adds a beautiful texture when you’re styling updos, as it creates more volume and body in your hair.

H2D Hair2Day Professional Curling Wand with 3 wands

The key to getting these large waves is using a large curling wand. For this tutorial I’m using the H2D X3 curling wand, which comes with three different wand attachments. I’m using the 32mm large barrel curler which is best for long hair.

Hair Romance - how to create soft loose waves - hair curling tutorial

How to curl your hair to create soft, loose waves

Hair Romance - how to create soft waves - hair curling tutorial

1. Start with straight hair. This may seem silly to point out, but if you have really curly hair like me, your need to smooth it out. I needed to wash and blowdry my hair with a large round brush to smooth it before I begin to curl.

2. Section your hair. Start by take a section across the back from ear to ear. Clip the rest of your hair up and out of the way.

3. Curl in small sections. Take a small piece of hair from the section and curl it around your wand, away from your face. Hold the wand above so you can let the curl drop from the barrel. This lets the curl stay in shape.

4. Don’t curl right to the root. Continue curling working in small sections around your hair. As you get to the top sections, don’t curl all the way to the root. I like to start the curl just above my ears so the waves sit better.

5. Let your curls cool. It’s so important to leave them in the ringlet shapes for a few minutes to let all your hair cool. This will make them last longer in your hair. Finish getting ready and then we’ll finish the hair.

6. Soften the curls into waves. Run your fingers through your curls to break them up. Use a bristle brush (like my fave Mason Pearson) to lightly brush the curls into waves. You can use a light serum to define the ends of your hair, or instead use a sea salt spray to add more texture.

Hair Romance - loose waves hair tutorial

Styling tips:

  • Curls always drop. Style your hair a little tighter to begin with than you actually the finished curl to be. This will mean your hair looks good for longer.
  • Clip up your curls to let them cool. My hair holds a curl well so I leave my hair down while I curl the next section. If your hair doesn’t hold a curl well, I recommend buying some small, flat clips to pin each curl up separately. Once your hair is cool, let your curls down and then run your fingers through to break them up.
  • Always curl away from your face. This creates a softer, more open look. And I think it looks prettier.
  • Don’t curl your roots. For this softer look keep your waves starting about ear level down.

How do you wear your waves? What’s your best tip for curling your hair?

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