Hairstyle How-to: Easy braided updo tutorial

Hairstyle How-to: Easy braided updo tutorial

Hair Romance hairstyle how to - easy braided upstyle

Hairstyle how to - easy braided upstyle

This braided hairstyle tutorial was inspired by an Instagram photo I posted. It’s a quick and easy braided updo that anyone can do. It looks complicated but they are just basic braids (plaits) so it’s very simple to do in your own hair.

On that day, I had planned to wear my hair out, but the weather changed and my hair was a bit of a mess. I decided to wear my hair up and threw this braid together. I took a photo just to show my fave new trend – the back badge – but you loved the hairstyle and asked for a tutorial so here it is!

Here’s the photo that inspired this post and the tutorial is below. Please note the back badge, my favourite new way to wear brooches and badges, but more on that later.

Hair Romance braided updo via Instagram

Hairstyle how-to: Easy braided updo tutorial

Hairstyle how to - Hair Romance easy braided upstyle tutorial


  1. Leaving a section loose on either side of your face, and gather the rest of your hair back into a ponytail. Pull gently at the top of your ponytail so it’s not too tight.
  2. Braid half of the hair on the left hand side, and wrap it over your ponytail. Repeat with the right hand side.
  3. Braid the lower section of hair on the left hand side and wrap over your ponytail. Pin in place with a bobby pin underneath your ponytail. Repeat on the right hand side. Important: Stretch out your braids! Pull at the sides to make your hair look thicker and fuller.
  4. Loosely braid your ponytail and roll it under to form a bun. Pin in place with bobby pins.

If you have long hair you could leave your ponytail loose, or split it into several braids to make a large bun underneath.

Will you try this hairstyle? And more importantly, try wearing your badges on your back! It’s a fab way to draw more attention to your hair 🙂

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