Hairstyle for curly hair: Dutch braid tutorial

Hairstyle for curly hair: Dutch braid tutorial

Hair Romance - Dutch Braided hairstyle for curly hair

Hair Romance - Dutch Braided updo for curly hair

Dutch braids are my favorite braid for curly hair. This hairstyle suits curl hair as the braid sits in reverse, and works well with textured hair.

I’m often asked why I straighten my hair for tutorials, and it’s just because I find it easier to shoot the step-by-step. It’s clearer to see what’s happening with straight hair. That doesn’t mean that the styles I post don’t look great in curly hair, and some look even better with added curl.

You’ve asked for more curly hair tutorials, so here is my Dutch braided upstyle that’s perfect for days when you need to put your hair up for school or work. It’s also great for those super humid days when your curls are going crazy and you need your hair off your neck.

Hairstyle for curly hair: Dutch braid tutorial

Hair Romance - Dutch Braided updo tutorial for curly hair

This hairstyle can be done in wet or dry hair, and looks great in second (or third!) day curls. It’s best for medium to long hair. If you have very long hair, it may be harder to twist around into the bun at the end. Try creating a larger bun, or leave your hair out in a side braid.


  1. Start by taking a section of hair at the front of your head. I usually take a section from my natural part across to the end of my left eyebrow. Split this section in to three equal sections.
  2. Begin a Dutch braid. This is the reverse of a French braid. Take the left section under the middle, and the right section under the left. Add in a small section of hair to the middle piece and bring that under the right section.
  3. Continue braiding down the back of your head, adding in small sections of hair as you go. Always bring the hair underneath so that your braid sits on top of your hair.
  4. Take a slight diagonal angle with your braid from the top left of your head to the bottom right. Once you reach the end of your hair, finish in a reverse braid and secure the end of your hair with a clear elastic.
  5. Stretch out your braid to emphasize the shape of your hair. Gently pull at the sides of the braid to loosen it. This will make your hair look thicker.
  6. Twist the end of your braid up and around to form a bun. Pin in place with bobby pins.

Styling Tips

Don’t try to make this style too perfect. The beauty of curls is their messy texture, so embrace it and leave some hair loose around your face if you have layers.

I sometimes find that my curls can be a little knotty and it’s hard to add in neat sections. You can see if Picture 5 above that I use one hand to hold the braid, and the other to separate a section of hair. this makes it easier when adding hair to the braid.

Of course this style works for straight hair too and you can see this Dutch Braided Upstyle in straight hair here.

Have you tried Dutch braids in your curly hair? Let me know any other tutorials you’d like to see on Hair Romance in the comments.

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