Big Hair Friday – Mega Braid Hawk

Big Hair Friday – Mega Braid Hawk

Hair Romance - Big Hair - Raffles braids

Hair Romance - Big Hair - Raffles braids backstage

I’m a fan of the braid-hawk and this ponytail / braid combo takes it to the next level.

This style is not particularly wearable, but that’s not what Big Hair Friday is all about. The ponytails are a great technique for the braid hawk if you have long or thick hair. You can then pin the braid down on to your head for a more wearable version.

This braid-hawk was created by Jodi Nicholson, Redken Artist for Raffles graduate runway. Graduate shows are always more avant-garde as the aren’t designed with commercial considerations, instead flexing all their artistic flair. Jodi says “Raffles wanted a braid with a twist … Given a wide range of fashion collections, there was 4 components that had to be covered , goth, bohemian, sleek and street. I really loved this look, for me it was the way it transformed with each of the Raffles designers trends.”

How to get the look

Hair Romance - Big Hair - Raffles braiding backstage

Step 1. Add large amounts of mousse (redken Guts 10) to root area of hair and comb to centre of head

Step 2. Section 8 little ponytails down the middle of head starting at the front hair line and finishing at nape

Step 3. Spray each pony section with a lightweight hairspray (redken fashion work 12) to create some flexible stiffness before starting braided section

Step 4. Inside out braid starting from top section adding new sections from below pony tail sections.

Step 5 . Tie braid at base of nape section firmly leaving ends out. Finish with a shine mist (redken Shine Flash 02) and iron ends for sleek perfect finish

Would you try this braid-hawk?

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