Before and After with the L’Oreal Professional Steam Pod

Before and After with the L’Oreal Professional Steam Pod

L’Oreal Professional have teamed with Rowenta (inventors of the first steam iron) to release a new kind of hair straightening iron – the Steam Pod. It seems counter-intuitive, but it uses water in the form of steam to straighten your hair.

In case it wasn’t clear, this is the before and after in my hair:

Yes, I was pretty impressed too. I first tried the Steam Pod in-salon, and now L’Oreal have released a home version. I decided to really test it out on my curly, frizzy hair.

SIze wise, the Steam Pod sits between a normal ghd and the ghd wide iron. The plates are approximately the same size as a normal flat iron, but it has a row of steam jets along one side that heat your hair before sealing it with the iron.

This steam opens up the cuticle and infuses moisture into the hair before sealing it with the iron. This makes your hair resistant to humidity, and means a frizz-free smooth finish.

I tested my hair walking around all day, getting briefly caught in the rain, and slept on it and it was still fabulous on the second day. In fact it lasted another two days in my hair before I washed it. My hair felt softer, and not as dry as when I usually straighten it. I couldn’t stop touching it.

Everyone has been asking me about the new Steam Pod, so I’m sharing these pictures with you now and I will be back with a full tutorial so you can see it in action. The Steam Pod retails for $270 and is available from L’Oreal Professional salons. (Note – this link plays so a video so turn your sound off if at work)

Have you tried the Steam Pod? Could you tell which was the before and after in my hair?

The Steam Pod and salon treatment were provided in accordance with my Disclosure Policy. This is not a sponsored post.

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