2013 Short haircut trends – the 1960s inspired bob

2013 Short haircut trends – the 1960s inspired bob

Nicole Ritchie new haircut - short hair trends

Short Hairstyle trends - Julianne Hough - Karlie Kloss

When Nicole Ritchie tweeted a pic of her getting the above haircut, salons started booking up worldwide.

We’ve seen variations of this hairstyle last year, seen more as the uneven cut but 2013 sees this longer bob haircut with more even layers. The blunt base has a 1960s feel though this is modern take on the classic longer bob.

Karlie Kloss is probably my favorite version of this cut, though I also love Julianne Hough’s haircut.

This hairstyle suits fine to medium hair and is best for straight to wavy hair. For curls, ask to customise this to suit your curls but I would go for a rounded shape with more layers to avoid the triangle effect.

Are you a fan of the 1960s inspired bob?

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