Why you need to change your hair care routine in winter

Why you need to change your hair care routine in winter

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Although it doesn’t feel like it, winter is about to hit the southern hemisphere.

The end of summer comes with a sigh of relief as we see the end of humid weather in Sydney. But as we turn the heaters on, there are other stresses that affect our hair. In the same way I start using a richer moisturiser for my skin, you also need to think about changing up your hair care routine for winter.

Hair Romance chatted to celebrity stylist David Babaii about his tips for winter hair care:

Why do we need to change our hair care routine in winter?

Our hair structure changes when it’s exposed to different environments, and this is why it’s important to update our hair regime according to the different external conditions, just as we would with our skincare.

We heat-style more in winter which makes our hair more prone to damage, so we need to counteract this by using more hydrating products.

What extra care steps should we take in winter?

Swap to a shampoo and conditioner for dry hair, and use a nutrient rich oil as a deep conditioning treatment and styling aid (like David Babaii Miracle Elixir).

Conditioning is very important, but you must be careful not to over condition. Be plentiful with conditioning product, but make sure you rinse hair well. There’s nothing worse than limp, flat hair from residual conditioner.

Any tips for reducing static in our hair?

Have a beauty regimen for your hair, just as you do for your skin. Make sure you are using quality tools and products on your hair to keep strength at its optimum.

Prep hair with a conditioning leave in anti-frizz treatment before heat-styling to protect against humidity and make smooth sleek locks last. Finish off your blow out with a cool heat setting on your dryer to extend the life of your straight style.

Thanks for the style tips David and you can connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.

Do you change your hair care routine in winter? What changes do you make?

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