What should I do next with my hair?

What should I do next with my hair?

Hair Romance - the last of my blonde hair

My hair is getting quite long now, isn’t it? I took this photo last week after getting my hair done at Stevie English Hair.

I love the colour and Stevie and the team have done a great job keeping my hair in good condition despite the heat styling and stresses I put my locks through. (I had a great in salon treatment that I’ll post about soon.)

But as much as I love this colour, I feel like it’s time for a change. Hair is supposed to fun, right?

I had intended to make a change at this last appointment but I chickened out. I’ve developed a bit of an emotional attachment to my hair and I was nervous about changing my hair. Now, if you love your hair, you shouldn’t change it just because, but it’s not like me to keep the same style for so long.

So I decided in the chair that I wasn’t going to chicken out of making a change at my next appointment.

I’m booked in for Friday 7th June and I’m not coming out with the same colour.

The only question is, what should I do next with my hair?

Tell me, what colour do you think I should try next?

I know it’s hard to describe hairstyles in words, so please link to a pinterest pin or an image in the comments if you can x

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