What is a diffuser and how do you use it?

What is a diffuser and how do you use it?

What is a diffuser and how to use it to style curly hair

A diffuser is an attachment that goes on the end of your hairdryer.

It diffuses the air as it come out so that you no longer get a blast of air on your hair, but rather it spreads softly through your hair. Diffusers are mainly used to style curly hair as it lets your dry your curly quickly without disturbing their natural shape.

There are two main types of diffusers. The round plastic attachments, as shown in the photos, which are custom made for a particular hairdryer model or you can buy a plastic universal diffuser that fits most hairdryers.

The other type of diffuser available is called a sock diffuser. This is made of a fine heat resistant mesh and fits like a loose sock on the end of your hairdryer nozzle. The sock diffuser is great for travelling as it is very small and easy to pack. (It also won’t freak out the guys as customs like my plastic diffuser does!) It’s also the only option for hairdryers that do not fit a universal diffuser, such as the ghd aura. The ghd air now comes with a diffuser.

How do you use a diffuser?

What is a diffuser and how to use it to style curly hair

If you’re blowdrying curly hair you MUST use a diffuser.

Without it, the dryer is too strong and will blow your curls out of shape and cause them to frizz.

When using a diffuser, always set your hairdryer on a medium speed to avoid it overheating. Keep your dryer moving so that the air distributes evenly through your hair.

Check my full post for tips on how to style curly hair, and always start to use a diffuser with your head upside down. Let your curls fall into their natural shape and them bring your dryer up into your hair to dry it.

Drying your hair upside down with a diffuser will give your hair a LOT of volume. Don’t worry, this will settle down in a few minutes and give your curls a great shape.

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Do you use a diffuser to dry your curls?

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