Sydney Spa Secrets – Panpuri Organic Spa

Sydney Spa Secrets – Panpuri Organic Spa
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Panpuri Organic Spa Pyrmont Sydney

I just had the most blissful afternoon at the Panpuri Organic Spa in Pyrmont, Sydney.

As soon as I walked through the door I felt calmer. I was sitting there drinking my organic tea when another client came out from the tall doors leading to the treatment rooms.

Panpuri Organic Spa Pyrmont Sydney

She was so blissed out she could hardly speak at first. She sat down and sighed, and then started raving about the facial she’d just experienced. (Note to self, book a facial as well as a massage next time.)

I first heard about the Panpuri Organic Spa from spa aficionado and beauty blogger Kimmi of The Plastic Diaries and she was the reason I was there to try Panpuri’s signature massage.

Panpuri Organic Spa Pyrmont Sydney

The décor at Panpuri is stunning. It’s all black and gold and each treatment room is so private you wouldn’t even know there was anyone else around.

Panpuri Organic Spa Pyrmont Sydney

After we’ve changed into our robes, our therapists cleanse and massage our feet before guiding us to our heated massage beds.

They use a blend of organic jasmine oils and varying massage techniques to get about 100 cracks out of my back. I spend far too much time hunched over my laptop!

The full body massage continues and I’m asking myself why I don’t do this more often?

At the end of the massage – and sadly, you do have to leave – there’s more organic tea to help soften the blow of leaving that calming space and facing the city outside.

Panpuri Organic Spa Pyrmont Sydney

I found out about this Sydney city secret from Kimmi, but now MasterCard are giving you the chance to be in the know across the whole of the city. Priceless Sydney brings you exclusive experiences that locals know and love.

I came out of Panpuri Organic Spa feeling like I was walking on air and jelly at the same time. Now I know the virtues of a really good massage are so close by, I’m heading back there more often!

Even better, I also now know what I get when I use my MasterCard to pay for the Panpuri signature massage: an extra 30 minutes in massage heaven is for free!

Now, 60 minutes is bliss but a 90-minute massage is beyond. And if you book 90 minutes you get 2 hours! That’s ridiculous. I think I’d fall asleep and they wouldn’t be able to wake me up. They’ll have to roll me out the door!

Find out more about the Panpuri signature massage here.

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