New York Minute Hairstyles

New York Minute Hairstyles

Hair Romance - NYC 1 minute ponytail

New York is one of my favourite cities in the world. It makes you feel like anything is possible. It has everything here.

The trade-off is time – no one here has enough of it. Even so, New Yorkers still find time to look good. And it’s not impossible. My advice – as you would expect – is to work from the top down.

New York women are impossibly stylish. Their hair is perfectly polished and sleek whether they’re wearing it up or down. They know the tricks and simplicity is definitely one of them.

I’m sharing my 5 slick simple tricks to get NYC-perfect hair over on the Schwarzkopf Style Studio Blog plus easy hairstyles you can do in a New York minute.

Hair Romance Schwarzkopf Style Studio

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