Makeup Monday: How to wear false eyelashes in 7 easy steps

Makeup Monday: How to wear false eyelashes in 7 easy steps

Hair Romance - How to wear false eyelashes in 7 easy steps

Wearing false eyelashes doesn’t need to be tricky. I know this for a fact as I have just mastered wearing lashes, and it wasn’t as hard as I thought.

I often wear false eyelashes when I’m shooting my hair tutorials. I think they’re fun and they make more of an impact in the finished photos. But I can’t tell you how long it used to take me to put them on! I found it so difficult to get them to look even. For a shoot I could get away with it, but it’s more obvious in real life.

I used to be nervous to wear false eyelashes out but not anymore. After meeting the Lash Ninja, Allie Clark, my fear of falsies is gone. Allie is a beauty expert for Glam by Manicare and shared her simple tips for enhancing your lashes. With these simple steps you can become a lash ninja too!

How to wear false eyelashes in 7 simple steps

  1. Apply your eyeliner and makeup first. You need to give your false lashes something to rest on. Curl your eyelashes, apply eyeliner and a coat of mascara.
  2. Trim your false eyelashes. Nobody fits lashes straight out of the box. Most people need to trim at least 1/4 of the lashes.  Measure the lashes against your eye and cut them to fit. Your falsies should cover about 80% of your eye. 
  3. Use tweezers or a lash applicator. This makes it so much easier to manage your lashes and get them into position.
  4. Apply a THIN coat of adhesive. So many common lash problems involve using too much adhesive. Apply a thin coat and give it a few seconds to become tacky.
  5. Look down and apply the lashes from directly above. Lift your chin and look down into your mirror, and apply your lashes vertically from above. It sounds weird but it means you can still see what you’re doing, but your eyelid is flatter, so you can get your falsies in place on your lash line. You want the lashes to sit on your skin, right at the root of your natural lashes.
  6. Apply gentle pressure. Work along the band of your lashes, gently pressing in so you have good contact along to each end of your falsies. Apply gentle pressure to the inner and outer corners to ensure they are in place.
  7. Add a coat of mascara to blend your lashes together. Once the glue has dried (it will be clear) apply a coat of mascara to blend your real and false lashes together.

Troubleshooting tips

  • If you find the corners are lifting, you probably need to trim the lashes. 
  • Your eyes can look droopy if your false eyelashes are placed too close to the outer corners of your eyes. Position the ends of your falsies about 3 or 4 lashes in from the end of your natural lashes.
  • If you have a strongly curved eye, try cutting the lash into three pieces and apply each one separately to avoid them lifting in the inner and outer corners.

Glam by Manicare gave me some lashes to try and I’m wearing the Glam by Manicare Christina lashes in the picture above (as they are so perfectly named!) and I also love the Taylor lash for an easy everyday lash. Lashes do feel really obvious the first time you wear them, but remember no-one will be that close to your eye to notice. They will just think you look fab!

Do you wear false eyelashes? What’s your fave lash? Do you have a trick to putting on your falsies?

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