How to wear winged eyeliner for day

How to wear winged eyeliner for day

How to do the perfect winged eyeliner

One of my favourite beauty looks is the perfect winged eyeliner. Perhaps it was my love of Brigitte Bardot, but I adore a cats-eye liner. It was one of my first beauty trends and I’ve rediscovered how wearable this look is.

How to wear a winged eyeliner for day

beauty tips how to do winged eyeliner

beauty tips how to do winged eyeliner

  • Draw your liner thin along your lashline and just add a small flick at the end
  • Keep the rest of your look natural – conceal any blemishes and wear a pink or natural blush
  • A pale pink lip is perfect for day, though you know I also love a red lip!

Eyeliner pens – Splurge vs Steal

best eyeliner pens - chanel ecriture - maybelline master liner

Do you have trouble drawing on liquid eyeliner? Try an eyeliner pen.

My long time favourite eyeliner pen is the Chanel Ecriture but I was recently sent the Maybelline Master Precise Liner and I’m pretty impressed. It has a finer tip than the Chanel and wears well all day. It’s a total steal.

Looking for more eyeliner inspiration? Love this illustration by Michelle Ricks from Ever & Wright.

perfect winged eyeliner

What’s your favourite product for winged eyeliner?

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