How to straighten curly hair with the Elkie Creative Styler

How to straighten curly hair with the Elkie Creative Styler
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How to straighten curly hair with the Elkie styler

UPDATE: There has been an issue and there is a product recall on the Elkie Straightener. Please see Price Attack for more info.

I love my curly hair but I’m always playing with my hair and love the ease of wearing it straight too.

It used to be a chore to straighten my hair but now I have a simple and easy system that keeps my hair looking sleek.

How to straighten curly hair

How to straighten curly hair

  1. First wash your hair. Use a smoothing shampoo and conditioner to help stop frizz. Apply a small amount of product to smooth and protect your hair from heat styling. Then begin by roughly blowdrying your hair so that it’s about 60% dry. This is just to speed up the process.
  2. Next blowdry the front of your hair with a round brush to smooth it. By styling the front section first you reduce frizz and ensure it doesn’t dry with any weird kinks. This is especially important if you have a fringe or cowlicks.
  3. Section your hair and start to blowdry your hair from the bottom layers of your hair up.
  4. Always angle the nozzle of your dryer down your hair for a smoother finish.
  5. If your hair isn’t that curly, you can use a paddle brush instead of a round brush to wrap dry your hair. This is where you brush your hair flat against your head and blowdry in the direction that you brush. This is a quick way to give the impression of a proper blowdry, especially if you’re ironing your hair afterwards. If using the wrap dry method, remember to turn your head upside down and brush your hair forward as well as side to side.
  6. Grab your stylers and start working in small sections. I like to start at the underneath layers and work up.
  7. For hard to reach sections at the back, angle them to the sides with your comb.
  8. Use your comb with every section to remove knots and to keep tension in your hair as your guide it through the styler. This tension is what will give you smoother and straighter hair.
  9. Move the styler in one smooth, steady motion down each section of hair.
  10. When you get to the top layers, don’t iron too close to the root as you can cause dents or kinks at the root. Instead, angle the styler slightly to create a gentle bend at the ends of your hair for a soft curl at the ends of your hair.

Hair Romance - how to straighten your hair

How to straighten curly hair – video tutorial

I’ve even made a quick video tutorial of this process! Yes, I’m back with more videos and I’d love to know your feedback.

I’ve practiced straightening my hair a lot so I’m pretty quick now too. Remember practice makes perfect, and using good tools and products will make a difference too.

Elkie Creative Styler from Price Attack

I used the new Elkie Creative Styler from Price Attack and I’m impressed with the result on my hair.

It has temperature controlled, floating ceramic tourmaline plates and ceramic heating elements. What this means is you don’t need to always style your hair at the highest heat, and you get a smoother finish from the ionised plates.

If your hair is as curly as mine, you will need to blowdry your hair before using the irons. However if you only have wavy hair, you’ll get a great result with just a rough dry.

I love the stand that comes with the Elkie styler. In my apartment, I’m short on space and the vertical stand is genius. It makes the styler easy to travel with (as does the dual voltage and extra long cord).

You can find the Elkie Creative Styler at Price Attack and you can locate your nearest store at

Do you like to change up your look by straightening your curly hair? What’s your best tip to get a sleek finish?

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