How to do an updo in short hair

How to do an updo in short hair

Think you can’t do an updo in short hair? Think again…


Hair Romance loves Marion Cotillard’s hair as she know how versatile a bob hairstyle can be. This latest hairstyle as seen on the red carpet at Cannes takes it to a whole new level.

'Blood Ties' Premiere - The 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival

With some extra special backcombing, Marion’s bob has been transformed into a 1960s inspired updo. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a little padding inside that beehive, but with some styling powder and some backcombing you too can achieve this hairstyle.

Short hair updo tutorial by Keiko Lynn

Cutting her hair hasn’t stopped Keiko Lynn from creating some fabulous hairstyle tutorials.

Keiko Lynn - updo for short hair tutorial

Visit her post for the full hairstyle tutorial including a cute variation with a scarf.

For those of you with long hair, you can also fake short hair with this faux bob tutorial.

Have you ever tried an upstyle in short hair? Let me know if you try this 1960s inspired style.

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