How often do you change your hair?

How often do you change your hair?

Rihanna has more hair changes than hot dinners

How often do you change your hair?

Not as often as Rihanna, but according to a recent survey, one in six women change their hair up to four times a year.

Conversely the majority of men only change their hairstyle three times in their adult life! 37% of men reckon David Beckham has great hair but only 2% said they changed their hair as often as Becks.

45% of women were inspired by a celebrity to change their hair and 32% wanted to get rid of bad hair days. Other reasons for a new do were changing fashions (42%), needing a change (26%) and going grey (16%).

I used to change my hair all the time, just because I could. I’ve had a similar hairstyle and colour for a while now and maybe it’s time for a change…

Do you get a stye refresh every time you go to the salon? Or do you have a signature hairstyle?

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