Hairspiration overload – The Freckled Fox blog

Hairspiration overload – The Freckled Fox blog

The Freckled Fox Hairstyle tutorials

Looking for long hair style inspiration? Look no further than The Freckled Fox.

I met the gorgeous Emily while I was in Chicago for BlogHer. She was wearing her hair in a fabulous faux-hawk and wearing 5 inch heels while 29 weeks pregnant. Did I mention she also has three little babies? I have no idea how she does it!

If you’re ever stuck for hair ideas (apart from checking my hairstyle tutorials!) you must see Emily’s tutorials. Perfect for long hair, you’ll be inspired by her huge range of hairstyles.

I caught up with Emily to ask her more about her blogging journey.

When did you start blogging and why?

I stumbled onto the blogging world right around the time my oldest was born just over three years ago, and the more I followed links and found more and more inspiring blogs, I realized that a blog of my own would be the perfect outlet for my long lost love of picture journaling. I would be able to include pictures with my writing and also tell my friends and family the things that were going on in my life.

I created my first blog in private mode in 2011 to just test the waters and see if it was for me, and then in February of last year I made it public!

Your hairstyles are amazing! What started your interest in hair and what training have you had?

I’ve always had long hair as far back as I can remember and I don’t know of a time I was not trying to think of creative ways to style it!

I’ve had no formal training in dealing with hair beyond my own personal trial and error, but I greatly respect those that have put in the time and money into schooling.

I am very protective of my hair and love my natural color, and so though I have been tempted a lot to cut or dye it I can never bring myself to! I used to be very scared of hair salons because of horror stories I’d heard and so always cut my own hair, but through a stroke of good fortune I now have a gorgeous and talented hairdresser who trims it perfectly:)

How would you describe your hair in three words?

Long, Natural, and Full-bodied

The Freckled Fox 10 second top knot

What’s your most popular tutorial, and which hairstyle do you wear the most?

Actually, they are one in the same! I posted the 10 Second Sock Bun as part of a ‘basics’ mini series a few months ago because it is my go-to hairstyle probably a good 75% of the time, and have continued to be amazed at the interest and enthusiasm of ladies who come across it!

Another very popular one has been the Bouffant Bun from just a few weeks ago! Which is funny because they are very similar in appearance, with the bouffant being just a bit more detailed and time consuming:)

The Freckled Fox bouffant bun

What’s your favourite hair product?

I would have to say that my Enjoy Shampoo and Conditioner are my favorite, because without them I wouldn’t have a good base or starting point with my hairstyles! My stylist loves and uses them on everyone when she washes because for those people who have color it can protect it, and for those that don’t it works even better! Every time I left her my hair would be so shiny and soft, and smell amazing, so I knew that I had to get whatever she was using! Now I can’t imagine ever switching:)

I guess my second favorite product would have to be my Retro Hair Finishing Spray. my friend introduced me to it as a fantastic holding spray, and its amazing for when I need styles to last a long time

What do you love about your hair?

If it’s not too repetitive to say, I really love the length and the color.

Looking at pictures from my whole growing up I’ve seen my hair color change with the seasons to be lighter and darker shades of Auburn, and I have my mother to thank for just trimming it from the time I was a little girl. My father also always told me how pretty my long hair was, and that helped me want to keep growing it out.


Emily is even sweeter in person than on her blog (if you can believe it!)

Head over to The Freckled Fox for more style inspiration.

What’s your favourite tutorial from The Freckled Fox?

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