Hair Romance in the Daily Telegraph

Hair Romance in the Daily Telegraph


So, last week I was in the Daily Telegraph – no big deal!

Huge thanks to Amy Harris for featuring me and you can about my twists and turns with braids here.

Amy had contacted me about the article last month but I was away in the USA. Amy said she’d leave it until I was back home. I thought she was just writing a trend story about braids and wanted a few quotes or style tips. Instead it was a massive half page article!

It all happened in a jet-lag haze the day I flew back to Sydney. Amy phoned me at 9am. She was still keen to do the story and needed some photos.

She asked if I could get three girls with long hair together that day and braid their hair and she would send a photographer over.

Of course I said yes and then freaked out!

I was totally jet-lagged, desperately needed to wash my hair and I had to find three friends who were free for a photoshoot. I picked up the phone to my hair muse Michaela of Lather Rinse Repeat and asked if she was free at lunch and if she wouldn’t mind letting me play with her hair?

Luckily she works just down the road, and she even convinced a few of her colleagues to be in the shoot too. So now with a photographer organised for lunchtime I just had to sort out my hair and tidy up for the shoot.

Realising my luggage was everywhere and there was no way I could tidy up for the shoot, Michaela to the rescue again let me move the shoot to her work. I quickly braided everyone’s hair with styles from my ebook and then the photographer arrived to take some shots.

We all practised our Tom Cruise fake laughs and I can’t believe it all came together. Afterwards my jet-lag hit me again and I crashed as soon as I got home.


Thanks again to my hair models and to Amy for the fab write up on Hair Romance. Read the article here and for more about my love of braids, get my 30 Braids in 30 Days ebook.

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