Fishtail braids for mermaid length hair

Fishtail braids for mermaid length hair

REDKEN_Model wearing Gary Bigeni

Oh to have this much hair! If you are blessed in the hair department, try these stunning fishtail braids for your mermaid length hair.

Australian designer Gary Bigeni launched an edited version of his Spring Summer collection in collaboration with Melbourne based artist Matthew Johnson.

Inspired by Johnson’s abstract paintings, Bigeni’s collection features bold prints. “There are lots of prints and patterns in this collection, squiggly lines, polka dots, blurred digital prints with lots of clean lines and draping to give a timeless feel,” Bigeni explains.

REDKEN_Gary Bigeni with Models_Hair by Lorna Evans

Gary Bigeni with his models

But let’s talk about that hair! Redken Hair Director, Lorna Evans created this messy, textured braid. “It’s sexy but not perfect,” and I agree; this is key to keeping your braids looking modern.

Fishtail braids for long hair at Gary Bigeni Spring Summer

How to get the look

  1. This look is all about texture. If you have straight hair, you’ll want to add some product in to make your hair look messy. Use a volume or texturising spray throughout your hair and blast with your hairdryer to create maximum volume.
  2. If your hair is already a mess, you’re all set!
  3. Part your hair to the side. Add in some hair styling powder for extra volume at the roots. Lorna used Redken Powder Grip 03 to achieve that wispy texture.
  4. This style actually has two braids, a Dutch braid that leads around into the side fishtail braid, but you can just do the fishtail braid. To create the fishtail braid, split your hair into two equal sections and hold one in each hand. Start to cross a small piece of hair from one section to the other, crossing them to form the fishtail braid. Keep it tight and secure the end with a hair elastic. You can find my fishtail braid tutorial here.
  5. Now you need to mess it all up! Pull at the sides of your braid to make it loose and messy. You can use more styling powder to texturise your braid.
  6. Finish with a mist of hairspray to hold those perfectly messy flyaways in place.

REDKEN_Lorna Evans and Models_120

Style Tip

“Creating a good foundation and getting the braiding technique right is key to this look, so use Redken Guts 10 section by section all over the head to build it up and then don’t rush the braid. Take your time to make sure it doesn’t buckle or bunch, and to help it keep its position. You can always add extra texture at the end,” Evans explains.

Do you have enough hair to do this braid? Don’t forget, you can always fake it with clip in extensions 😉

Images courtesy Redken 5th Avenue NYC, Hair by Lorna Evans, photography by Ben Valla at Shoot Everything.

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