Fine hair jewellery at Dion Lee

Fine hair jewellery at Dion Lee






I’m just a tad obsessed with these fine hair jewellery headpieces created by Sarah & Sebastian for the Dion Lee presentation during Australian Fashion Week.

The hair was directed by Sophie Roberts for KMS who explained “The concept for the hair was based around arching linear shapes, created using a jewellery piece by Sarah and Sebastian, which floated around the back of the head and contoured the silhouette. We also played with contrasting textures by using a high gloss gel across the crown which graduated into natural textures as the hair fell down the back‘’, said Roberts.

I can only hope they release these headpieces for sale, and that they’re not only for the show.

Do you like this minimalist hair jewellery?

Images 1-3 by Xioahan Shen, images 4-5 courtesy KMS

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