Curly hairstyle tutorial – The Double Bun

Curly hairstyle tutorial – The Double Bun

Welcome to a week of hairstyle tutorials for curly hair!

My hair is naturally curly. You can read my tips for styling curly hair and my curly hair routine, and I love wearing my curls out.

However I usually straighten my hair for my hairstyle tutorials and there are a few reasons I do this. It’s easier to photograph, and clearer to show the steps in straight hair. Sometimes it can take a few attempts to get all the photos for a tutorial, and straight hair is easier to keep styling. If I keep touching my curly hair, it gets frizzy and the curls go out of shape.

These tutorials are great for second (or third!) day curly hair. If you have straight hair, you can also give them a try!

Hair Romance - Double Bun Hairstyle in curly hair

I’m starting this week of curly hair tutorials with the Double Bun. Why do one bun when you can do two?

The double bun is a great style for all hair types. In fine hair, it gives the illusion of volume. Conversely in thick hair, it balances out the weight of your hair.

Hair Romance - The Double Bun Hairstyle for curly hair

The Double Bun is best suited to medium length hair. You can do this hairstyle in hair that’s as short as a lob to around bra strap length hair. You’ll need strong bobby pins, and for longer hair you can also use larger hair pins and a couple of hair elastics.

Curly hairstyle tutorial – The Double Bun

Hair Romance - The Double Bun Hair Tutorial in curly hair


  1. Twist the front of your hair back. If you have a fringe / bangs, you can leave them loose or twist them back into the hairstyle. I like to keep a little height at the front of this hairstyle, so you can backcomb your hair if you want more height.
  2. Section your hair for the first bun. Gather approximately half your hair at the back of your head. For longer hair or thick hair, your can secure this section with a hair elastic for added hold.
  3. Twist the section around to form a bun. Secure the bun with bobby pins or hair pins.
  4. Repeat with the rest of your hair, twist it up and around into a bun. Pin in place with bobby pins. If you have thick or long hair, remember you can secure it in a ponytail for extra hold.

Hair Romance - The Double Bun Hairstyle in curly hair

Looking for more hairstyle inspiration? I styled 30 buns in 30 days and you can find all the tutorials and hair style advice in my new 30 Buns in 30 days ebook!

Do you think two buns are better than one?

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